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RBS Ammunition

RBS Ammunition is your home for reliable target ammo. We've got it in a small box, big box, or on a pallet. 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP are always available. 380 Auto, 38 Special and 223 Rem are supplementary to our main line. So if you'd like a quick shoot or all day adventure, we have your back. Get your solo box or bulk pack now!

We've Got The Ammo You Need!

Welcome to RBS Ammunition

We have your BULK ammo needs! No matter where you're at we can get you taken care of. Our factory produces all the 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP you could want. We have 380 Auto, 38 Special, 223 Rem to back up our main calibers, as well as HOT DEALS to put the icing on the cake. There you'll find special pricing on other types and brands of ammo we have access to. 

RBS Ammunition is Washington State's premier target ammo manufacturer. We hold our quality high and we stand behind our product 100%. 

Whether you're new to the sport or a flying lead pro, you'll be satisfied with our products. We'll give you the ammo you deserve or the components that you need to produce your own. With our products and you're desire to pull that trigger, we'll keep this industry going strong.

Explore our site to find great deals on BULK ammo in all the main calibers you'd like. If you like to mix and match we have quantities of 50, 250, 500, 1000, just so you can get the stock you need. 


If you would like to pick up your order at our store front, please select 'In-Store Pickup' on the shipping address page and you will receive an email confirming your order is available for pickup at your convenience. Otherwise you will receive an email containing a tracking number when your order is complete and shipped.